Hi Carol,

Work is very busy these days, but I wanted to give you an update on how Ziggy is doing.

Ziggy is a much loved member of the Velthuis family now. We are in a good routine on taking turns walking him, and my sons are constantly playing with him. Ziggy's personality has really started to shine through lately -- and he is one cute, curious, and energetic little furry guy.

He loves to chase balls, although we are working on having him bring the balls back to us, as he would much rather bury it or hide it then give it back. He absolutely loves chasing birds in the park. Since my niece is visiting us for the next couple of months, she walks him every day around lunch along with another dog -- and the two have become best buds. They run around the dog park together and the other dog -- who is bigger than Ziggy -- makes sure that none of the other big dogs mess with Ziggy.

He is not a huge cuddler but he loves to be petted and brushed. And, he always likes to be in the same room with usually me -- or if not me, then Ryan or my sons.

Since he has become more familiar with us and his surroundings, we are looking into putting him in a training school since he does have a habit of pulling and jumping while on the leash. I may even look into some agility training for him because he is quite the athlete and would probably love running through obstacle courses.

Nothing else to really report ... but I am attaching a picture of Ziggy with his Christmas stocking : )

Hope all is well.

Most Sincerely,

Erinrose and Ryan Velthuis