Dear Szilvi, liebe Sissy

i just wanted to send you some photos of our baby - so you know, that she is doing well and everything ok!

She is our princess and after 3 months i can say, it was the best thing ever we decided to do to take her to us. She is such a lovely, funny girl - we love her sooooo much :-) She gives us really special moments....

Last week we took her to the veterinarian to take away tartar - now she has a new blend-a-dent-smile :-)

We also made a "senior check" with her - and they told us she is healthy at all - she just has some problems with her heart - but not so bad, just because she is a little bit older - now she gets a heart medicine so everything is easier for her. But dont worry, the veterinarian said its normal in her age.

I hope these are good news for you

Best wishes and greetings from Austria

Doris and Thomas