Emrys (vormals Merlin)

Hi Claudia,

Just a few photos of Merlin settling in - we have renamed him Emrys which is Merlin in welsh as we already have a son called Merlin. Vet trip today was fine although they have put him on different medicine and we have changed the address on his chip.  We are keeping the two cats separate for the time being - all the internet advice is to do that to allow each other to get used to the new smells but the vet advised us to keep them apart until Emrys is over his cold.

He is a very gorgeous cuddly cat who just wants to be with people.  Will keep you updated.

Just a quick update-Emrys had another check at vets and is now over his cold and all good. He has settled in really well and loves to play (and eat!!). He really wants to play with our older cat Bagheera but Bagheera has been a bit grumpy. Just hissing and avoiding Emrys but I think he is getting used to the idea of a new cat. Emrys has accepted his place in the pack but as you can see from pictures - whilst not best buddies - they are content to be in the same space together. We don't yet leave them alone without us. You can just make out the black cat in the bed.

Thanks so much Sophie Evans