Hello Gabi,

Today was a fantastic day.Blue sky, sunny weather.

We were on a big walk, next to the water and also into a wood, for more than two hours we were out in the green on our walk, we walk, run, play and enjoy the nature !

Everything was relaxed, funny and we 4 are a real pack !

We feel fantastic and everything becomes nearly perfect. Amine and Blacky are a duo, the give kisses, the play and walk together, the take care and learn from each other. They like it to run shoulder by shoulder ! We are really happy, it was the best decision in our live to take Amina in our family.

She is deep in our hearts, her soul in our house. She becomes a important part of our pack. The next week will be cool.

Birgit and i we are both at home - and we will enjoy our free time with the dogs. Train, play, walk and relax. Be prepared, I will send new photos maybe also a small video to you - in the next week.

Hopefully your sunday is as beautiful as ours ...


Amina, Blacky, Birgit and Michael.