Hey Juli! Hey Carol! Hey Claudia!

It’s been three months now that we took Amalia with us to her new home and we’re pretty sure that was the best decision we ever made. Amalia is such a beautiful, funny and friendly dog, we enjoy every day with her. She loves to play with her toys, other dogs or humans, to hunt little lizards in our courtyard, to run around in the piece of forest near our home or just to cuddle on our couch. 

We already went to a dog obedience school with Amalia and she did a really good job there. With the right treats (and for her nearly every treat is the right one) she is also willing to learn tricks like jumping through a hoop.

We send you some pictures and videos we took over the last few weeks so you have a little impression of how Amalia is doing. 

Thank you again for everything! We wish you all the best!   


Amalia, Georg & Dani