In February of 2011 ACA worked together with Romanian Animal Rescue ( and Romanian Animal Aid ( for the first time to rescue 20 abandoned grown dogs and 13 puppies from the deserted property of a dead man in Ploesti. After the medical care and castration through RAR and RAA, ACA took custody of the dogs in our Care Stations in Austria and Hungary. ACA organized a foster home for 18 of the adult dogs with a dog trainer who worked with the animals several hours daily, in order to provide them with the love and attention they had never received before. The other two adult dogs and the 13 puppies were immediately able to begin their new life in the Animal Sanctuary Helmer (you can read more about this under: Animal Sanctuary Project in Grünberg am Schneeberg/Puppy Care Station in Austria). There they had the chance to grow up and integrate themselves with the other animals in the sanctuary. They also had contact with children and became part of the daily life of the family, thus making it possible for every single puppy to receive the best care and upkeep possible.

In March of 2011 ACA received a desperate request to help puppies that had been found in a park in Bucharest. They were still alive, but were lying in a great puddle of blood with their throats slashed. A young Romanian woman and her mother managed to bring the puppies to a veterinarian, where they received the necessary medical treatment (one of the puppies died in the process), and they tended the dogs until their wounds were healed. They didn't dare release the puppies in the park again, out of fear that they would be slaughtered. ACA organized their transport to our Care Station in Kiskunlacháza, Hungary, where the dogs were cared for until their adoptions.

ACA's partner-organizations in Romania, The Red Panda in Bucharest and Speranta Pentru Animale [] in Craiova, have often required our help to rescue animals. In the first year of our collaboration, ACA was able to help rescue over 100 dogs and cats in Romania alone, and has since placed them in adoptive families.

Please help us to maintain the financial means necessary to continue responding to the calls for help from our animal welfare partners in Romania, so that they are never forced to give up their on-site battle for their animals' well-being.

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