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Aktuelle und vergangene Events in
chronologischer Reihenfolge:

Tolle Kids im Tierschutz 10. November 2017

Tolle Kids im Tierschutz

Eine Party für Marty 29. Oktober 2017

Eine Party für Marty

ACA meet Gutenhof am 22-24. September 2017

Wo ein Pferd ist, ist zumeist auch ein Hund anzutreffen!

Deswegen freuen wir (das Team von Animal Care Austria), uns sehr auf der Staatsmeisterschaft Dressurreiten in GUTENHOF mit einem Infostand über ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA und samt allen laufenden ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA Projekten zu Gast sein zu dürfen.

Gerne können Sie uns an diesen Tagen Futter- und Sachspenden für unsere Hunde, Welpen, Katzen, Babykatzen und Pferde in Ungarn und Serbien am Infostand vorbeibringen und abgeben!

Wir sind Ihnen für diese Spenden sehr dankbar und freuen uns darauf, Sie begrüßen zu dürfen!


Am Sonntag, den 11.12. 2016 öffnet Country Home Klosterneuburg sein Wiener Shop für ein WEIHNACHTLICHES CHARITY EVENT zugunsten von ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA!

Sekt, köstliches Weihnachtsgebäck (auch vegan!) und feierliche Stimmung begleiten Sie durch diesen Spendentag im Geschäft von COUNTRY HOME.

Zu jeder vollen Stunde, ab 14:00 bis 17:00 Uhr gib es einen Liveauftritt mit weihnachtlicher Musik.

Der große COUNTRY HOME Transporter samt Anhänger steht für Ihre Sachspenden (Futter für Hunde und Katzen, Decken, Handtücher, Planen, Spielzeug, usw.) bereit.
ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA freut sich auch sehr über finanzielle Spendenhilfe, die für die Abdeckung von Tierarztkosten, Operationen, Medikamenten oder Futter dringend benötigt wird.
Die gesammelten Sachspenden bringen Michael und Renate Ruttner von COUNTRY HOME persönlich zu den bedürftigen Tieren in unseren Tierheimen in Lovasbereny und Kiskunlachaza/ Ungarn.

"Spenden & Gutes tun!" - Das ist das Motto dieser Spendenveranstaltung für alle Menschen mit einem großen Herz für bedürftige Tiere in Not.

♥ COUNTRY HOME & das Team von ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA samt ACA Präsidentin CAROL BYERS freuen sich auf Ihr Kommen!

1090 WIEN
-> Die Straßenbahnlinie D hält genau vor dem COUNTRY HOME in der Schlickgasse 4/ 1090 Wien.

Wann beginnt das Charity Event bei COUNTRY HOME?
UHRZEIT: 13:00 bis 18:30



Fotogalerie by Shlomit Migay  

Fotogalerie by Isabelle Ouvrard 

Fotogalerie by Philipp Enders

Fotogalerie by Attila Czerula

Sommerfest 2016

Programm Highlights ACA Sommerfest

Fotogalerie by Shlomit Migay  

Fotogalerie by Isabelle Ouvrard 

Fotogalerie by Philipp Enders

Benefiz-Konzert: Schöne Stimmen für arme Tiere

Benefiz-Konzert - Schöne Stimmen  für arme Tiere

Fotogalerie Benefiz-Konzert 2016 

Care Days

Care Days 2016

Nächste Care Day-Termine: 

23.10.2016 Kiskunlacháza

07.8.2016 Kiskunlacháza

Fotogalerie by Shlomit Migay
Fotogalerie by Bernadette Teibenbacher
Fotogalerie by Attila Czerula

22.5.2016 Kiskunlacháza

Fotogalerie by Bernadette Teibenbacher
Fotogalerie by Attila Czerula

15.5.2016 Lovasberény

Fotogalerie by Bernadette Teibenbacher
Fotogalerie by Attila Czerula

Adventfeier am 29. November 2015


29. November 2015. 13:00 – 16:00 Uhr.

Tierarztpraxis Marchettigasse, Marchettigasse 2, 1060 Wien

ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA freut sich die Kooperation mit der TIERARZTPRAXIS MARCHETTIGASSE mit einer besinnlichen und feierlichen Adventfeier am heurigen 1. Adventsonntag einzuleiten!

Am vorweihnachtlichen Multimix - Programm steht:

Photogalerie Adventfeier 2015

Fotos mit Santa by Shlomit Migay (in kürze)


Gala Dinner zum Welttierschutztag 2015


Photogalerie by Janina Lenz 

Photogalerie by Isabelle Ouvrard 

Photogalerie by Philipp Enders

Photogalerie by Manfred Sebek

Summer Festival 2015


As a “Thank You” to Paulis and Paulis customers for the big ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA DONATION DAY on the 6th of December, opera singer and founder/president of Animal Care Austria, Carol Byers, will be providing a holiday musical treat at PAULIS (, Gymnasiumstrasse 64 , 1190) from 16:00 to 16:30.

Tiny, award-winning violinist, Yurika Kubo, and her teacher, violinist Kathryn Krueger, and soprano Petra Halper-König, will be joining Carol for this special holiday season appearance.

A van and trailer brought by our ACA supporters Michael and Renate Ruttner of Country Home ( will be parked in front of Paulis shop, ready to accept your donations. Blankets, towels, used dog collars/leashes, dog beds, food, etc., are all welcome! Join us on the 6th. Lend your voice not only for our Christmas songs, but be a voice for animal rescue and welfare.


Carol Byers, founder of Animal Care Austria, invites you to:

a Gala-Dinner on World Animal Day, 4 October, 2014 at 7 PM in the Vienna Marriott Hotel, Parkring 12A, 1010 Vienna

An outstanding program with international guests of stature in the arts, economics and politics awaits you at the World Animal Day Gala 2014. The chef of the Vienna Marriott Hotel will pamper you with an exquisite 4-course vegan Gala Menu.
Tombola and auction with sensational prizes donated by our generous sponsors, proceeds to support Animal Care Austria.
Price: €99 per person (includes a welcome cocktail, as well as non-alcoholic drinks with dinner & coffee).

We look forward to an exceptional evening with numerous surprises in commemoration of World Animal Day.

Carol Byers | | | Tel.: +43 (0)676 44 666 74

Summer Festival 2014


Animal Care Austria Summerfest
6 July 2014 in Prater 99
Start: 1:00 PM

Special Guests: Martin Rütter (1:00 - 2:30) & RTL Supertalent Lukas & Falco

Sommerfest 2014 anreise

Animal Care Austria
- Conny Sporrer/Rütter's D.O.G.S.
- Pauli's Dog Outfitters
- Tanja Hofer Photography
- The Dog Care Company
- Tierische Hotels, etc.

- Tombola with DJane Paula Blume

We look forward to your visit!

Carol Byers & the AC-Austria Team
Telephone 0676 44 666 74

Flea Market

A FLEA MARKET in support of ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA will be held on 30 May 2014 for bargain-hunters... it is in a covered area, so it will also take place if there is rain.


House Flea-Market
Friday, 30 May until Sunday, 1 June 2014
2371 Hinterbrühl, Gaadnerstraße 18a

Books, Household articles, dishes, electronic appliances, clothing and shoes for adults, children's clothes for 8 years old and up, baby clothes, toys, etc.

The Flea Market will take place, come rain or shine, in a covered area.

Silent Demonstration March

17 May 2014 - A worldwide demonstration (in Vienna this will take form as a SILENT MARCH!) to protest the slaughter of stray dogs in Romania

Carol Byers presents her 11th Advent Benefit Concert for needy Animals

Our "Special Guests" for this year's benefit concert will be the Superar Children's Choir under the direction of Olena Nechay. Other guests will include singers from the Metropolitan Opera, the Wiener Staatsoper, the Ronacher Theater, and instrumentalists from the Wiener Philharmonic and Symphonic orchestras, plus organist, Peter Frisee. We are especially looking forward to the wonderful interpretation of Advent/Christmas stories by the well-known ORF personality, singer, actress, and ACA supporter, Heilwig Pfanzelter.

As a perfect ending to our musical offerings, everyone is invited to the church garden where one can enjoy an open fire, hot drinks, and tasty snacks and cookies.

Suggested Donation: €20,00.

Please come and join us for this touching yearly event. You presence means more support for ACA's winter projects.

Thank you.

Sunday 24.November 2013 3:00pm

Pfarre Am Schüttel

Rustenschacherallee 14
1020 Wien


When: October 4, 2013 7:00 PM
Where: Le MERIDIEN, Opernring 13, 1010 Vienna

A top-notch program featuring contributions by international animal lovers who have achieved prominence in the arts, sports, economics and science.

The superb chefs of Le MERIDIEN will pamper us with an exquisite 4-course vegan gala-dinner.

Tombola and auctions with upscale surprises to support Animal Care Austria.

Price: €89 per person

We look forward to an exceptional evening together on behalf of animals in need.

Carol Byers and the AC-Austria Team
reservations through Carol Byers at: 0676 44 666 74

The Article as PDF(German)

Photo Gallerie

DOGUE Stray Dog Alternatives

Dogue Strassenhund mal anders


When: September 19, 2013
Time: 7:30 PM
Where: B-Lounge, Hegelgasse 17, 1010 Vienna

ACA-President Carol Byers, journalist Yvonne Lacina, photographer Christian Anderl and event-manager Marcel Kremmer - four people have found their way to each other through their love of animals. Together, we wanted to help provide support for two Hungarian dog shelters under the auspices of Animal Care Austria. We bathed and styled the dogs and put them in the spotlight. We will preview these photos (which will be featured in a calendar for 2014) this evening. Impressive photos in a stylish atmosphere with wine and finger-food await you.

Photo Gallery

Summer Festival 2013


Sommerfest 2013

Dear Animal Lovers and Friends of Animal Care Austria,

come and visit our Summerfest on July 7, 2013 dedicated to Improving the Human-Animal Relationship.

We'll be presenting this year's festivities together with Fit4Dogs at their training grounds in Oeynhausen bei Baden.

Come have fun with us, and pick up some individual tips (when required) from our experts on how to live in harmony with your animal companion.

There will be veterinarians, animal rights activists, trainers, dog outfitters, nutrition and travel specialists and even a dog stylist on site, to provide supportive advice and lend a hand.

Once again we'll be offering our "Tournament" for masters or mistresses and their four-legged companions, to demonstrate the dexterity and trust of the human-animal partnership.

Another highlight will certainly be our Tombola with numerous valuable prizes from our generous sponsors!

And of course, nobody will have to leave hungry.

Our Summerfest will take place, whatever the weather. As the saying goes, "there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing"!

Sommerfest 2013 Flyer Rückseite

Photo Gallerie

Carol Byers presents her 10 Year Anniversary Benefit Concert:



With Guest Artists:

Kristin Lewis, Yvonne Lacina, Sona MacDonald, Sky MacDonald,
Sängerknaben-Oberstufenchor "Chorus Juventus" under the direction of Raoul Gehringer,
and the singers of the Carol Byers Ensemble

Sunday, the 25th of November, 2012

further information and photo gallery


Love letters to our friends
Love letters to animals who have touched our hearts


On Thursday, October 4, 2012, in the Vienna Marriott, Parkring 12a
Improving the Human-Animal Relationship

Stars of opera/operetta/musical/cabaret sing for the animals
Celebrities read love letters to the animals who have touched their hearts

Yvonne Lacina (ORF ZIB Flash Moderator) will be your host throughout the evening

Program: 7 PM pre-dinner cocktail and welcome to the guests by Carol Byers, President and Founder of AC-Austria and opera singer
7:30 PM Gala Menu in 4 courses, including alcohol-free drinks and coffee

An additional assortment of palate-pleasers can be found in the exquisite drink-menu (not included in Gala Menu price)

A LARGE TOMBOLA with great prizes from our sponsors to benefit AC-Austria!

Price: €89 per person (net proceeds go to AC-Austria)

We look forward to greeting you at this animal welfare event!
Carol Byers & the AC-Austria Team

Reservations through Carol Byers under: 0676 44 666 74

World Event to End Animal Cruelty (WEEAC) / 2nd International Anti-Cruelty Day in Vienna - on September 22, 2012

Make a choice to be their voice!

On September 22, 2012, the 2nd International Anti-Cruelty Day will take place in Vienna, under the auspices of the WEEAC-Austria Animal Rights Society Meeting Point: 3:30 PM, Christian Broda-Platz

At 4:00 PM, a protest march will begin from Christian Broda-Platz, proceeding along Mariahilfertsrasse, continuing along the Burgring through Heldenplatz, Kohlmarkt and the Graben to its end destination at Stephansplatz.

Arrival at Stephansplatz is scheduled to be approximately 6:00 PM, where the subsequent closing rally will take place. There will be information booths and music, and talks will be presentated by:

- DDr. Martin Balluch (VgT) - on animal testing and animal testing campaigns
- Carol Byers (AC-Austria) - on castration projects in Hungary and Romania
- Marion Löcker (TSV-Robin Hood) - on stray dogs and animal death camps
- Mag. Alexander Willer - on non-violent dog training (Initiativ Pawsitive)
- Benjamin Labschütz (Pro Ahimsa) - on alternatives to animal suffering
Come and join us!
If you would like to take a stand with ACA as part of a larger group, please contact CAROL BYERS. Tel 0676 44 666 74

Hier geht's zu Details auf ""

Photo Gallery

Theme night on Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM


Theme night on Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM

Invitation to Theme Night

Are the "Dog Days" gone?
"What do dogs need to eat, in order to get or stay healthy?"

Tuesday, August 28, 7 PM

Lecture Room in the ACHILLION Restaurant
1160 Vienna, Ottakringer Straße 235, on the corner of Maroltingergasse, Last stop of the Streetcar line 2

For Carol Byers, founder of the animal welfare organization ACA ( and our guest of honor on this evening, the days in which she invests her energy on behalf of animal welfare are not determined by externals such as the weather.

Therefore, the animals rescued by AC-Austria should receive a diet that allows for a corresponding regeneration of their too-often maltreated organisms.

For the majority of these four-legged creatures, the best days of their existence are just beginning.

We would like to make our contribution on this evening dedicated to the subject of animal diet, by making this crucial information available to the new dog devotees, and all who are interested, thereby ensuring that the new chapters in these animals' lives can begin "without stomach aches".

But changing to a natural diet can also bring about a new chapter in the lives of dogs and cats that already have loving homes!

Reservations for this Theme Night are requested:
gesund @ or 0660 46 40 600

Summer Festival - Improving the Human-Animal Relationship

Photo Gallery Sommerfest 2012
Sonder - Hundeportraits Sommerfest 2012

ÖGV Vienna - Heustadlwasser

Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 1 PM, Open End

Festival will take place, come rain or shine!!!
Where: Dog-training field (Hundeausbildungsplatz) ÖGV Heustadlwasser between Wasserwiese and Lusthausstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

1 PM - Opening
1:30 PM - Dog shows, agility, sports, flyball, puppy training, obedience
3 PM - games/tournaments for humans and dogs
5 PM - dog shows
6 PM - games/tournaments for humans and dogs

additional highlights:
- dog accessories and dog nutrition, everything a doggy heart could desire
- dog health
- problem corner: consultation and tips about dog issues from dog trainers
- puppy playground with professional supervision
- dog photographer
- Tombola with many great prizes

by car: Südosttangente exit network Prater to the Ostautobahn (A4),
exit at Erdberg Zentrum- Stadionallee – Lusthausstraße
by public transportation: Bus 77A from
Schlachthausgasse (U3) to Klaschkaweg, 10 minutes
footpath on the left side
Parking: available on the grounds

Hundeausbildungsplatz ÖGV Heustadlwasser
between Wasserwiese and Heustadlwasser,
Lusthausstraße 1, 1020 Wien Sunday, June 24 beginning at 1 PM, Open End! Don't miss it!

DOG DISCO: the Viennese Dog Toy Shop "Bunter Hund" is celebrating its birthday! on May 10, 2012

5 years worth of dogs, dog lovers and dog events... Time for the ultimate Dog and Dog-Lovers Birthday Party! That's why we'll be cooking and baking for both species on May 10 starting at 7:30 PM, and we'll set the turntable spinning for the world's first "Dog Disco" - at a reduced decibel level, of course!

Within the framework of this event we want to celebrate, enjoy conversation and have fun - and we want to show that people and dogs can eat from the same pot, because human and dog diets share an important ethical aspect, which we want to bring to the public's attention. How? The Edenfood Company will show us how, by serving an organic menu for humans and dogs, and our very own pastry chef will bake for both species - and of course, we will all dine together! It is not only important for us humans, but also for our dogs to eat food that is prepared according to organic and ethical perspectives - after all, cows, chickens and goats also have the right to a happy life that is suitable to their species.

Our dogs have good lives, they are loved and pampered - and they have a right to be. However, that doesn't apply to all the dogs in this world - they aren't always viewed as housemates and companions. For this reason, we want to raise awareness about the brutal dog-meat trade in Thailand and Vietnam. The organization "Care for Dogs" has been working for the past six years to bring an end to these cruel practices, and we can all help them by signing this petition:

Of course, we wouldn't charge admission to a birthday party, but we would like to provide assistance for AC-Austria under Carol Byers (, and therefore we request in lieu of an admission fee a minimum donation of 20 Euro.

The entire team of Bunter Hund would be very happy to see you at our birthday celebration!

Birthday Party "Bunter Hund" on May 10, 2012
Starting time: 7:30 PM
Place: Neustiftgasse 42, 1070 Vienna
mehr über den Wiener Hundekaufmannsladen "Bunter Hund"

Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog. A presentation by dog psychologist Daniela Rauch

Thursday, May 3, 7:30 PM

Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog.
Here is your chance to ask ACA's dog psychologist Daniela Rauch.
ACA cordially invites you to learn how to strengthen the relationship with the beloved four-legged member of your family, and how to consciously open yourself to communication.

In Vienna's dog accessory shop "Bunter Hund" (Neustiftgasse 42, 1070 Wien), Daniela Rauch will talk about the following subjects:

"How can I better understand what my dog is trying to tell me?"
Better understanding of body language in human and dog interrelations.

"Why did my dog choose me of all people?"
Discerning and being open to systemic connections between human and dog.

"What can I do to help us become an authentic HUMAN & DOG Team?"
Impartially interpreting unique and/or prominent dog behaviors and enabling change.

All are cordially invited - admission is a voluntary donation to the Project "Improving the Human-Animal Relationship".

Please contact Carol Byers at 0676 44 666 74 to reserve your place.
mehr über Daniela Rauch

Carol Byers presents her 9th annual benefit concert for animals in need

Benefit Concert
Carol Byers presents her 9th annual benefit concert for animals in need
Christmas Classics & Holiday Magic

When: on Sunday the 27th of November, 2011

Doors open at 1 PM - our buffet is also open at 1 PM

Concert begins at 2 PM

Once again, there will be a Tombola with great prizes and beautiful Christmas gifts available for purchase at our Christmas market.

Where: 1030 Vienna, Am Heumarkt 11, Ground Floor right
U4 Station Stadtpark

Please call 0676 44 66 674 for reservations or e-mail us at:

Admission: free, but we request a donation of €22 per person for our animals in need,
for children up to 12 years we request a donation of €2.
All net proceeds will go to our animal welfare projects in Hungary and in Romania.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Carol Byers and the ACA-Team

Benefit Dinner on WORLD ANIMAL WELFARE DAY, October 4, 2011

Having a yen (again) for something Vegan?
Benefit Dinner on World Animal Day 2011

On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, Star-Chef MANFRED HARTL of the VIENNA MARRIOTT, Parkring 12a, will prepare an exquisite Vegan dinner to benefit "ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA" (Motto: Going meatless for the animals)

Featuring an opera/operetta/musical/cabaret program presented by opera singer and Animal Care Austria Chairperson Carol Byers, with KS Heinz Holocek, Alexandra Reinprecht, Katrin Fuchs, Petra Halper-König and Andreas Sauerzapf

Programm: 7 PM - complimentary cocktail and welcoming of the guests by Carol Byers and author/publicist Sibylle Hamann

7:30 PM Vegan 4-course menu, including alcohol-free drinks and coffee

In addition, an assortment of alcoholic beverages can be found in the exquisite drink menu (not included in the dinner price). Between courses, a fashion show of animal-free products will be presented.

A large Tombola with great prizes from our sponsors, the proceeds of which go to benefit Animal Care Austria! Ticket price €10

Price: €89 per person (net proceeds go to ANIMAL CARE AUSTRIA)
for reservations, call Carol Byers at 0676/44 666 74
or by E-Mail at

We look forward to seeing you at our animal welfare evening!

Carol Byers & the Animal Care Austria Team

Hundezentrum (Dog Center) Summerfest

Invitation to
Hundezentrum Summerfest
Motto: "A celebration for Animal Care Austria!"

when? June 19, 2011 from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM
where? Stadelweg 40, 1210 Vienna


from 1 PM - Puzzle Rally for humans and dogs
2:30 PM - Rescued dog presentation
3:30 PM - Demonstration by the students of the Hundezentrum (Dog Center)
Photo Shooting for your dog
Diverse info-stands all about dogs

During the event, donations will be collected for Animal Care Austria

In addition, there will be a Tombola with great prizes:
1) 2 private dog-training sessions with Frau Mag. Michaela Marschall
2) a Hundezentrum Wien seminar of your choice
3) a course in First Aid for dogs

We look forward to seeing you there!

Tel: 0699/11863842

Monica Weinzettl will present sleeping nooks

On April 27, 2011, beginning at 7 PM, Monica Weinzettl will present suitcases, caskets and chests transformed into comfortable new sleeping nooks for high-living dogs in:

Bunter Hund
The Viennese Dog Accessory Shop
Neustiftgasse 42, 1070 Vienna

with the friendly support of:


We will gratefully accept a voluntary donation of €10 for the food and drinks. The net proceeds will go to Animal Care Austria!

On November 28, 2010 - Carol Byers 8th annual benefit concert.

Benefit Concert Animal Care Austria
Carol Byers presents her 8th annual benefit concert

Christmas Classics & All That Jazz
for Animals in Need

our star guests:

The Rounder Girls
Peter Patzak
Kristin Lewis
Alexandra Reinprecht
Previn Moore
Angela Fout
Andreas Sauerzapf & Katrin Fuchs
Petra Halper-König
Jazztrio Geremus: Niki Geremus (Violin, Vienna Symphony) Hanz Zinkl (Guitar) Joachim Tinnefeld (Bass, Vienna Symphony)
Arabella Fenyves & Luca Mais
Rob Weinzettl
the soloists and chorus of the Carol Byers Ensemble

Sunday, November 28, 2010, beginning 3 PM, doors open at 2 PM
Our buffet opens at 2 PM

T-Center St. Marx, Rennweg 97-99, 1030 Vienna
(for information on parking and directions, see "Details")
The T-Center can be reached via the following public transportation: S7 (St. Marx), Bus 74A, Streetcars 18 and 71.

Reservations by telephone 0676 44 66 674 or e-mail:

Admission is free, but we request a donation of 22€ per person for the animals in need. For children 12 years and younger, we request a donation of 2€ per person. The net proceeds will go to our animal welfare project in Hungary.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Many thanks to T-Mobile for their support!

Details of the Event(German)

Carol Byers' 7th annual benefit concert in November 2009

with star guests Topsy Küppers, Kristin Lewis, Marianne Mendt & Band, Alexandra Reinprecht, Eddie Cole, Ladislav Elgr, KS Heinz Holecek, ...
Carol Byers-Ensemble (Petra Halper-König, Eva Dworschak, Tanja Böck, Karin Ebermann, Christine Hainitz, Eva Schwarzmann, Roland Jähn, Kurt Breitfellner, Bernward Brenninkmeijer, Walter Fangl, Alois Fischer, Horst Hubmann, Anton Märk, Alexandra Reinprecht, Birte Dalbauer-Stokkebaek, Lucía Castelló, Kristin Lewis, Arabella Fenyves), Parity Jazz Duo ...

Dog Hike Day on the Rax on April 25, 2010

We will wander through the woods and fields together with our dog trainer and all our dogs in a pack, and cap off the day with a snack and a presentation on "Natural intestinal cleansing for dogs" by Mr. Höflinger.

Weihnachtliches und jazziges für arme Tiere

Wir möchten Ihnen unser alljährliches Benefizkonzert zu gunsten armer Tiere ans Herz legen und
Sie dazu herzlich einladen.

Zu den Stargästen zählen unter anderem:
Eddie Cole (Jazzsänger aus der legendären Nat "King" Cole - Familie.)
Alexandra Reinprecht (Staatsopernstar),
Topsy Küppers (Schauspielerin, Autorin),
Marianne Mendt (Jazzsängerin, Schauspielerin),
Kammersänger Heinz Holecek (TV und Staatsopernlegende),
Carol Byers (Opernsängerin, Mitbegründerin und Vorstandsmitglied von ACA) und vielen anderen.

Klicken Sie unten auf Details um den PDF Flyer zu diesem Event anzuzeigen.

Details zu dem Event

Beautiful voices for animals in need at the Austria Trend Life Resort in Loipersdorf

Katrin Fuchs, the new Eliza Doolittle of the Seefestspiele in Mörbisch, and Andreas Sauerzapf, who delighted the audience with his charm and humor, made their concert on May 23, 2009 an exceptional event. Under the motto "A Musical Journey to Hungary", in tandem with Prof. Björn Maseng (piano) and Josip Maticic (violin), they lavished their multi-faceted musical talents upon the audience, inspiring them to great generosity toward Animal Care Austria. The entire proceeds of the evening were dedicated to our project in Hungary toward its goal of building an onsite mini-clinic. The audience made enthusiastic bids for the auctioned encores, apparently wanting the concert to continue all through the night. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this evening possible, especially the artists and the management and service team of the Austria Trend Life Resort in Loipersdorf. Due to this great success, ACA will present a second concert in Loipersdorf in the fall, to which you are cordially invited. The exact date will be announced.


On Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 9:15 PM, Animal Care Austria will present a
benefit concert on behalf of animals in need, with two bona-fide stars of the music world, who are also active members of ACA.

Katrin Fuchs (soprano) and Andreas Sauerzapf (tenor),
Professor Björn Maseng (piano) and Josip Matičič (violin)
will take you on a musical journey to Hungary - one of the project countries of ACA.

Andreas Sauerzapf, a captivating singer and actor, has performed on numerous operetta and acting stages.

Katrin Fuchs is the new Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" at the Mörbisch Seefestspiele.

Especially for you, and as a thank-you for your support, ACA and the Austria Trend Life Resort in Loipersdorf have put together a special offer.

Animal-Care-Austria Weekend
from Thursday, May 21 to Sunday, May 24

Details of the Event(German)

Advent Concert on November 28, 2008 at 7 PMr

Animal Care Austria and the Lions Club of Wiener Neustadt cordially invite you to our Advent Concert on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 7 PM in the Vorstadt Church (Kirche Hl. Leopold) on Wiener Straße in Wiener Neustadt.

We request that you register your intent to attend by calling Leopold Breitfellner at the number: 02622/26360 or register via e-mail:

The admission fee of 25 Euro will be donated to the charity organization Animal Care Austria.

The evening's program:

Leopold Breitfellner (Co-organizer)
Franz Guschelbauer (President of the Lions Club Wr. Neustadt)
Carol Byers (Animal Care Austria)
Concert and readings

Carol Byers
Alexandra Reinprecht
Konstanze Breitebner
Kurt Breitfellner

After the concert you are welcome to the “Bude” of the student association “Babenberger” in the church basement.

Details of the Event(German)

Cabaret evening to mark the 2nd anniversary of ACA

Animal Care Austria presents:
a Benefit Concert on the occasion of
World Animal Day 2008
A Cabaret evening to mark the 2nd anniversary of ACA
with Andreas Sauerzapf and Martin Gesslbauer
Prof. Björn Maseng on piano

A most remarkable cabaret awaits you:
"Gone to the dogs" or "Wet noses and dry humor"

When: Saturday, September 20, 2008
Where: Universität für Bodenkultur
Franz Schwackhofer Haus
Peter Jordanstraße 82
1190 Vienna

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Concert begins at 7:30 PM
Admission: voluntary donation of 20€ or more
At 6:30 PM an abundant buffet is open (for donations)
Every cent will go directly to the aid of animals in need!

Reservations 0676 347 4905

5th annual Benefit Concert

Carol Byers presents her 5th annual Benefit Concert

Beautiful voices for animals in need - an evening of operetta and Viennese Cabaret

Monday, November 19, 2007 at 7:30 PM
Our 'home-made' delicatessen buffet will be open during the intermission. All proceeds will go to the aid of animals in need!

Fernwärme Wien
Spittelauer Lände 45
1090 Vienna
(U4, U6, S40)
Reservations at 01/317 23 79 or required!
Admission: € 20 donation (Every cent goes toward helping the animals!)

Star guests :
Alexandra Reinprecht, KS Ulrike Steinsky, Alois Haselbacher, Walter Jenewein,

Singers of the Carol Byers Ensemble

Wild Salsa Night

Animal Care Austria invites all animal lovers to:
The Wild Salsa Night
A benefit night for animals in need

Friday, November 16, 2007
beginning at 8 PM in REIGEN, Hadikgasse 62, 1130 Vienna
accessible via U4 (Hietzing)

Admission: €20
20% of the proceeds of each entry ticket purchased between 8 and 10 PM will be donated to the animal welfare organization of your choice* - so dance, celebrate and help out!
(*only officially registered organizations, please)

Dancing helps!
Your donation goes to your favorite animal welfare organization

Exclusive program from 8-10 PM
A fiery Salsa-dance show by JORGE & SANDRA, renowned dancers of the Cuban Dance Bar FLORIDITA

Live Music with Rubén Jiménez y Sol Caribe

Salsa Open End
begins at 10 PM (Admission €10)

Untill 10 PM, every guest will receive a complimentary COPA DE SANGRIA (original recipe of the famous Bar Alfredo in Mallorca)

Throughout the entire Wild Salsa Night, proceeds from further purchases of our special Sangria will go to the benefit of animal welfare.

Register for this event by clicking here!

"Gone to the Dogs" ... of wet noses and dry humor

Gessl/zapf & Sauer/bauer
Cabaret evening to benefit homeless animals - Martin Gesslbauer and Andreas Sauerzapf

Three artists - working for free, but not for nothing - to serve a worthy cause!

A fast-paced evening of laughs, good humor and memories of the bygone cabaret-days, reminescent of the "Golden Viennese Heart". The scene was the Bock-Keller in the 16th district of Vienna, in Liebhartstal, the center of the so-called "original Viennese" scene. Martin Gesslbauer and Andreas Sauerzapf are two young artists, who are equally at home whehter singing couplets, the "classic Viennese popular song", operetta or cabaret. Sketches and double-conferences by Karl Farkas and Ernst Waldbrunn (to name but two) rounded out the program, to the delight of the audience. With tongue-twisting texts by Pirron and Knapp, Hugo Wiener and Cissy Kraner, Gerhard Bronner, etc., they took their listeners by storm. They also had congenial accompaniment from Prof. Björn Maseng on the piano, well-known as an old hand in the metier of "light entertainment". His great musical authenticity carried throughout the entire evening. In addition to its enjoyment of the evening's entertainment, as well as an equally appealing buffet, the audience could also bask in the feeling they had also done something good for animals in need - and the myriad of "auctioned" encores had them departing in a state of near-euphoria. Doing good can be such an easy thing!

A Seminar on the following topics:

• Body language of dogs with psycho-social aspects of human - dog relations • What connects the dog with the human? • Dogs from abroad - rescue at any cost? >

Photos of this evening

Benefit Concert of November 25, 2006

Our Benefit Concert of November 25, 2006 was a resounding success. Our heartfelt thanks go to our star guests and everybody who contributed to the success of this evening. Presenting to a full house, ACA was able to establish important contacts for future projects, upon which we are now working to develop and bring to fruition.
1st Row (from left to right):
Melanie Holliday, Carol Byers (Concert-Organier and Co-founder of Animal Care Austria), Renate Grell (Co-founder)
2nd Row (from left to right):
Sebastian Holecek, Alexandra Reinprecht, KS Heinz Holecek
Bilder dieses Abends

Animal Care Austria


Carol Byers presents the 4th annual Benefit Concert

An evening of Operetta and Viennese popular song

with Star Guests
Melanie Holliday, Alexandra Reinprecht,Kammersänger Heinz Holecek, Sebastian Holecek
and the Singers of the Carol Byers Ensemble

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