Hello Claudia,

it has taken me over a week to tell you our heart breaking news as I'm still very tearful, but our dearest wonderful companion Owen was hit by a car just by our house by an unknown person who didn't stop.
Even though the Krankenhaus in Villach tried everything and he fought a strong battle he passed away with internal injuries.
We both feel so guilty that this should happen to our beloved dog in our care and finding it very difficult to come to terms with it.
The road by our house is only a quite road for access to a few houses and all go very slow as other neighbours have dogs and cats .

I hope you and the charity can forgive us for letting this happen and maybe in time I will be able to forgive myself but at the moment I even find it difficult to go out for a walk without my companion beside me and just end up crying as I am doing now.

From a very sad and lonely
Ann Owen