Leejor (vormals Claude/Bärli)

This morning Iejoor has passed the rainbowbridge.
A few weeks ago we went to the vet again in the evening because he had stomage ache again, she pumped his stomage and Iejoor looked better again.
Last night my other little dog barked me awake to tell me Iejoor wasn't feeling well.
We went to the vet in another place and he looked thoroughly at Iejoor, he couldn't find anything ...so he gave him an injection morfine and some pills against nausea.
At home the pain didn't get any less so I went to my own vet in the morning.
We both decided that his heart wouldn't be strong enough for operation and the pain was too much (The vet thought that Iejoor maybe had a tumor, but with the operation last july his hart had a very rough time and it was a miracle he survived), so with his head in my hands he went over the rainbowbridge.
Iejoor was such a good dog, he was more Anatolisch sheperddog than Leonberger but he was anyhow a very fair, good hearted dog, specially when you imagine how his live was before we met.
He leaves an empty place in our house and our hearts, but we will never forget him.

I miss him very, very much he was my big bear, big friend of my family, other dogs and cats, he was so special!
I am so happy I had the change to meet a gentle dog like Iejoor, proud to become his friend.
For one year Iejoor had a home, his own place under my table where he felt save and happy I whish I could have given him more years, he deserved it so much.

LG Anne Marie Niewold
PS: Iejoor and my spanish doggie Angie where special friends, they played together a lot, Angie barked last night to tell me that iejoor wasn't
feeling well. She is very quiet today, I am sure she misses him a lot.