Shlomit Schatzmayr

Shlomit Migay

Photo: Attila Czerula

Shlomit Schatzmayr is a Visual Artist working mainly for the fashion industry. Born and raised in Israel, she moved to Vienna along with her beloved rescue dog Miki, to pursue her international carrier.

Ever since she can remember, Shlomit was rescuing dogs and cats from the streets. Some came only for food, water and a place to rest before continuing their journey, while others stayed to live with her and her family. The word about their home was spread amongst the strays who knew to come knocking on their door when in need.

During her childhood she also volunteered in the local animal shelter and took lessons in veterinary for kids.

After her settling down in Vienna, she felt it’s time for her to volunteer again and found ACA online.

Her first trip with ACA was to Serbia in June 2015, as their official photographer.

Her dream is to one day open up her own shelter for senior and handicapped animals.