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Shocking images reveal systematic violations of the Romanian law


Almost one year after the approval of the new law regarding stray dogs’ management, a big number of video materials show that Romanian authorities are only brutally eliminating abandoned dogs. On the contrary, the positive aspects of the legislation - such as compulsory sterilization and registration of owned dogs - are being systematically disregarded.


Evidence is brought by videos such as the one that has been shot in the appalling shelter in Bacau (North Eastern Romania) where 2,000 dogs are being starved and are slowly dying of disease among dirt and feces (WARNING, SHOCKING IMAGES):


Bacau is just one example of a what is going on in the Romanian public kennels, as evidenced by the survey carried out between March and May 2014 by Vier Pfoten Association and recently divulgated. The investigation has brought to light the terrible situation faced by all 43 public kennels that have been evaluated, with violations ranging from the lack of veterinary services to dreadful detention conditions, causing enormous suffering for the animals. The results of the survey are available in the official report (in attachment), which has also been accompanied by a video (WARNING, SHOCKING IMAGES):


The evidence gathered clearly demonstrates that Romania is not able to apply the rules in force because of serious structural and logistic deficiencies which characterize the institutions responsible for the management of stray dogs.


While not agreeing with the contents of the Law 258/2013, Save the Dogs asks the Government of the Prime Minister Victor Ponta to intercede as soon as possible through competent bodies in order to walk out of this unacceptable situation.


Needless to mention that in addition to the suffering inflicted on tens of thousands of animals, the abuses documented by the associations seriously damage Romania’s international image.


We do not recommend sensitive people to watch it.

A few days ago Vier Pfoten Association has published the results of a survey concerning Romanian public kennels, which have been examined in order to determine their compliance with the Romanian law in force. The study has been carried out between the months of March and May 2014 on a sample of 43 facilities located in different areas of the country. (Click here to see the location of the Romanian public kennels). The results of the survey are definitely alarming: none of the public kennels examined was found to comply with the Romanian legislation. On average, each facility violates 11 law regulations. Among the most common: inadequate sewage system, overcrowding, no separation of the animals according to their health conditions, food contaminated with feces, absence of an operating room. Read more.

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